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The Company Picnic Company FAQs Page


Your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a Minimum Guest requirement?

Yes, as you look over the menus you see that it is priced in per person groups, Monday thru Thursday the minimum would the lowest number in the price group. Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday holidays there is a 75 person minimum for all parties.

What does the per person include?

Our Chefs & Servers are included in the price per person.
Everything The Company Picnic Company (CPC) needs to prepare and serve your guests in buffet style.

CPC will provide you with heavy duty plastic and paper products.

CPC will take trash away when leaving the premises.

Does the price include tax and gratuity?

The price does not include 7% RI Sales Tax.

The price does not include 1% RI Food and Beverage Tax.

The price does not include gratuity: the customer’s responsibility.

How do we pay?

At the time of signing your contract, a deposit will be required, this can be paid by check and is non-refundable.


When do you need to have our head count in?

When CPC and customer write the contract an approximate number will be your guarantee, this is how CPC prices your party.

7 business days prior to your function you will have to give us your final head count.

How long is CPC at the function?

CPC will arrive approximately 1 – 1 1/2 hours ahead of function time, depending on your menu.

Again, depending on your menu, we will serve for approximately 2 – 3 hours.

What are alternatives for non-fish or meat-lovers?

As long as CPC is given advance notice, accomodations will be made.

Steaks, Chicken and a Vegetable Option are available.

Does CPC carry insurance?

CPC is a licensed caterer that has full liability insurance.

Certificates of insurance available upon request.

Our Policies

It is the Policy of the Company Picnic Company to only hold an Event Date once a Contract has been made and a Deposit has been received. The Life of a Contract is 21 Days without a Deposit.

The Deposit is based on the Price Per Person multiplied by 1/3 of the Guaranteed Head Count. The Guaranteed Head Count is the Minimum number of Guests you feel will be at your Event.

7 Business Days prior to your Event we will expect your FINAL Guest Count., you can always increase your Guaranteed Head Count you can NOT Decrease it.

In general The Company Picnic Company will tell you what your Balance Due is once we have the Final Head Count. We can Email or Fax to you your Final Invoice. Payment is expected the day of your Event.

The Company Picnic Company does not offer Menu Tasting.